NC State University

Campus Population: 40,000
Citations: 44,000/Year
Permits: 35,000/Year

"We migrated to AIMS in April 2015 after more than 10 years with another vendor’s system.  AIMS has enabled us to streamline several routine processes, such as payroll deduction processing, and decreased staff time in this area by fifty percent.  The ability to integrate with our Passport and TIBA gate systems improves how we manage visitor parking and gate access systems.  Report generating is simple to use and very robust.  We are collecting high quality operational and performance data and making better business decisions with the data stored in AIMS.

No two parking systems operate exactly the same.  What we saw immediately with AIMS, and continue to see, is a company who listens to what you need for your operations and designs a system to meet those needs.  Finally, most impressive is their customer support and responsiveness.  It has been a much welcomed change that has enabled us to improve the services we offer to our customers."

Catherine Reeve, CAPP
Transportation Director
North Carolina State University
About The Implementation: 

North Carolina State University went live with AIMS in April of 2015.  NCSU manages online permit sales via the AIMS Web module for their campus community, carpool groups, departments and guests.   They have deployed 10 AIMS Mobile Enforcement apps for real-time permit verification, lot counts, boot/tow management, and citation issuance.  Online ticket payments and ticket appeals are available 24/7.  NCSU chose AIMS hosting services for a complete PCI compliant and secure solution.

The AIMS system has automated NCSU’s parking payroll deductions, integration with State of North Carolina DMV for vehicle owner retrieval, and transmittal of unpaid citations to the State Attorney General.