University of Iowa

Posted: Aug 18th 2016

University of Iowa has completed the AIMS integration with Tannery Creek’s AutoChalk LPR system. U Iowa has used the AIMS system since 2010 and upgraded to the AIMS Mobile App in 2013. Their new implementation of LPR allows enforcement staff to drive through their hospital and campus parking decks and lots for streamlined enforcement. Vehicles parked in violation are transmitted in real-time...

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Georgia Southern University

Posted: Aug 10th 2016

Georgia Southern University has integrated AIMS with Genetec’s AutoVu LPR solution.    AIMS and AutoVu integrate in real-time to verify properly parked vehicles, search for vehicles on a tow list and transmit vehicles that require a citation to the AIMS Mobile Enforcement App for real-time ticket issuance.   

As opposed to patrolling on-foot, Georgia Southern’s parking enforcement staff...

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Mohawk College

Posted: Jul 15th 2016

Mohawk College, located in Hamilton, Ontario, has integrated AIMS with Genetec’s LPR solution to aid in enforcement.   At Mohawk, AIMS sends permit and vehicle data to their Genetec system.   Genetec’s AutoVu returns vehicle hits to the AIMS system in real-time for enforcement.  Mohawk has utilized the AIMS system since 2007, which has grown over the years with implementation of the AIMS...

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Dalton State College

Posted: Jun 15th 2016

Dalton State College in Georgia replaces BOSS with the AIMS Parking Management System.   At Dalton State, AIMS integrates with Banner to update biographic information and transmit hold and release files for students with unpaid parking citations.   We are proud to add Dalton State to our growing list of AIMS users!