City of Syracuse, NY

The City of Syracuse Parking Violations Bureau transitioned from an AS400 System to the AIMS Parking Management Software in 2002. We use AIMS to manage all aspects of our parking enforcement and violation collections operation, from enforcement through DMV owner-retrieval, billing and collections. AIMS provides the reporting we need and EDC Corporation provides the customer support we so value.

EDC constantly enhances the AIMS system. Since 2002, we have received several AIMS upgrades as part of our annual support and at no additional charge. In 2013 we upgraded from traditional handheld ticket writers to the AIMS Mobile Enforcement App for real-time citation issuance and live integration to our Parkeon Whoosh! Meter system. The AIMS system has been a great success for the City of Syracuse. As our needs change, along with the ever changing technology, EDC is always willing to try to accommodate those needs.  They have always strived to work with us to make our jobs easier, and to get the most out of the AIMS program.  Prompt support has always been just a phone call away.  I would highly recommend EDC and have enjoyed working with them.

Peggy A. Finch
Deputy Commissioner of Finance/Parking
City of Syracuse Parking Violations Bureau