AIMS is designed to integrate with your internal systems to make your organization more efficient. We integrate with other parking technologies, current enterprise systems, and various other related systems. We have built successful relationships with a number of vendors to satisfy the variety of needs our customers have.

The AIMS Parking Management System will integrate with the systems you currently have or plan to implement. Our philosophy is to allow you to select and use the systems you find best suited for your agency. We do not force our customers to implement a certain system just for the sake of interfacing.

Partners we currently work with include:


Campus Enterprise Information Systems

Automatically update AIMS with students and staff personnel, and synchronize charges and payments.

Payment Gateway systems

Process credit card payments with the service of your choice. No credit card information is stored in AIMS.

License Plate Recognition

Real time connection with AIMS Mobile identifies overtime parkers, habitual offenders, expired permits, or multiple use of permits.


Vehicle boot can be paid for via phone and removed by the violator, updating AIMS with the outstanding fine payment.

AIMS Mobile Enforcement Equipment

AIMS Mobile operates on most any Android based smartphone or tablet, with Bluetooth connection to the printer for citation printing.

Pay by Phone

Real-time communication from AIMS Mobile ensures up to the minute information regarding payments that may have been made via cell phone.

Parking Access Control systems

AIMS provides a single point of entry to automatically turn gate access rights on and off in real time.

Parking Meters

AIMS interfaces with Pay by Plate and Pay by Space meters to ensure accurate enforcement from within AIMS Mobile. Real-time verification eliminates costly mistakes.