LPR Enforcement

The AIMS Mobile LPR Enforcement System, powered by Genetec’s AutoVu hardware is a complete in-vehicle enforcement package. EDC Corporation provides all services including turnkey on-site installation, system setup and real-time integration with AIMS.

AIMS LPR automates enforcement, lot utilization, in-vehicle citation issuance from a computer and the AIMS Mobile Enforcement App in the field.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras read plates as you drive through parking lots and city streets for enforcement. With a direct connection to AIMS, the camera automatically captures vehicles in violation based upon your custom rules and locations. EDC configures the entire system based upon your needs. 

AIMS LPR Enforcement AIMS LPR System

AIMS LPR Key Features Include:

  • Genetec AutoVu LPR Cameras, installed and maintained by EDC's Genetec Certified Staff
  • In-Car AIMS LPR Module for e-ticket and/or ticket printing
  • Real-Time Communication to AIMS Mobile Enforcement Units
  • LPR Hits and Reads Reporting in AIMS
  • Automated Lot Utilization and Reporting
  • LPR Attachments and GPS Coordinates stored with parking citation in AIMS

AIMS LPR in action: