Mobile Enforcement

The AIMS Mobile Enforcement App provides clients with an easy-to-use, real-time parking enforcement solution utilizing the Android device of your choice. Custom parking tickets are printed to a rugged Bluetooth printer and transmitted in real-time to the AIMS Parking Management System.

The AIMS Mobile App captures high-resolution color photos, voice memos, and GPS coordinates during citation issuance. Repeat violators, vehicles, and permits are searched in real-time against the AIMS database to identify any required action. AIMS Mobile also integrates in real-time with the Pay-By-Phone, Multi-Space Meter Kiosk, and LPR systems of your choice for field-viewing of active/expired parking sessions directly within the AIMS Mobile App.

AIMS Mobile Enforcement AppAIMS Mobile Enforcement App

Key features of AIMS Mobile Enforcement Include:

  • Real-time transmittal of issued citations to the AIMS Database via Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Real-time electronic tire chalking, synced across all devices in the field
  • High-resolution color photo capture and voice memo recording during ticket issuance
  • Barcode scanning of permitted vehicles and vehicle registration stickers
  • GPS coordinate tracking of issued tickets and enforcement officer routes
  • Touch screen or voice data entry
  • Third-Party Integration with Pay Stations, LPR Systems and Pay by Phone Systems

Parking Technology Integration

The AIMS Parking Management System integrates with numerous third party technology providers to bring information immediately to the enforcement officer without the need to separately consult other vendors systems, saving you time and resources.

Parking Technology Key Features Include:

  • Pay Stations - Current Pay by Space and Pay by Plate information displays directly in AIMS Mobile.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems - AIMS sends habitual offender and permit information to the LPR System. AIMS Mobile receives vehicle “hit” information from LPR system including: Hotlist hits, Overtime hits, Permit hits, Shared permit hits. Vehicle hit location is sent to the handhelds and displayed via a map for simplified location of the violation.
  • Pay by Phone - Verifies initial or extended expiration time.