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EDC Corporation Celebrates Its Flagship Product AIMS Being Adopted by Over 180 Parking Departments in the US and Canada

With AIMS now in use at over 180 parking departments throughout the United States and Canada, EDC Corporation is experiencing rapid growth. Their flagship product provides parking departments with easy-to-use management software, ideally suited to enforcement, permitting and event parking. AIMS was the first parking management system to introduce enforcement via a smartphone app, and innovation continues to be at the forefront of EDC Corporation’s product developments, which focus on virtual enforcement and electronic citations.

EDC Corporation develops and deploys innovative products for efficient enforcement, permit and event management. The license plate recognition solution streamlines parking enforcement, whilst providing dashboards and widgets that display lot occupancy and heatmaps that record parking enforcement activity. It is also capable of highlighting areas that are not being enforced, as well as tracking and storing all LPR reads and hits and integrating this data with the parking citation record.

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